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Moving & Packing Tips from New Bedford, Massachusetts

Allow J.J. WEB Inc. based in New Bedford, Massachusetts, to make your entire moving experience easier. We offer services from local movers, moving supplies, and storage units for every need. Browse the tips below and then contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Moving Tips
• Call your local telephone service to have your line transferred to your new address. Make sure to have the phone company leave phones at both locations operable on moving day; remember not to pack your phones. Be sure to have your long-distance service transferred also.

• Fill out change of address forms and mail to post office.

• Call to have electricity transferred to new address.

• Call your cable company to have service switched to new address.

• Leave plenty of time to pack your boxes and inform your moving consultant of your new box total.

• Drain waterbeds completely before your moving team arrives, making sure to have a box to put the mattress in. Have all disassembly and disconnection that is not included on your move completed before moving team arrives. Now is a good time to purchase water conditioner to add when filling your waterbed.

• Call your moving consultant the day before you move to confirm your move and make any last minute adjustments.

• Call your insurance agent and have your homeowner's or renter's insurance transferred.

• Call your bank and have new checks printed.

• Have your driver's license and voter's registration changed to your new address.

Packing Tips
• Gather boxes in small sizes from friends, neighbors, stores, and the office.

• Collect cushioning materials such as bubble wrap, Styrofoam™ pellets, furniture pads, old blankets, plastic bags, tissue paper, newspaper, and small towels to use as padding inside boxes.

• Create a portable packing kit with markers, tape measure, packing tape, twine, and scissors. Carry it with you as you pack up items around your home.

• Reinforce the bottom of boxes with extra tape for added strength.

• Label each box with the name of the room in your new home where it should be placed.

• List the contents of the box on the side of it.

• Number the boxes and keep a list of which boxes go in which room in your new home.

• Label boxes containing fragile items with large red lettering.

• Place china in plastic bags and stack plates upright on their sides, not flat.

• Pack your TVs, stereo, and computer in their original boxes if possible.

• Keep boxes to 50 pounds or less.

• Pack heavy items into their own smaller separate boxes and combine lighter items together into larger boxes. Don't pack heavy items such as books all into one box.

• Don't move flammable, combustible, corrosive, or explosive items such as paint, gasoline, and ammunition.

• Pack a bag of personal items you'll need during the move such as a change of clothes, toiletries, medicine, maps, food, and drinks. Keep it in an easy to find place.

Use our moving and packing tips to keep your items safe during transport and
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